Tuesday, 19 April 2016

Over Under Goals Soccer Betting Strategy

The Over/Under Betting Goals strategies are one of the most preferrable ones in the world of football betting. There’re strong reasons for that and you could try different variations of the strategy and make some money.

One of the most common ways to use this strategy is to pick the teams who score a lot of goals and try to bet that they will score more than a certain ammount in their next game. And if two high-scoring teams are playing each other, then it’s even better!

Do your homework before you start to bet. Look at the statistics for different leagues, see which are the teams who score a lot of goals and study their next games. See how their opponent behave, analyze if your team score a lot at home or away from home. If this team score a lot at home, but it’s shy of goals on the road, then don’t pick it in away games. It’s an easy logic to follow.

When you’re about to pick games where you expect to see a lot of goals, don’t forget to analyze other aspects of it as well. Does this team has a striker in form, who simply can’t stop scoring goals? Does the other team has problems in defense? What are the tendencies in their performance? All data is important, never forget that.

The Over/Under Betting Goals strategy is very good for you, if you’re able to sense the games where you’re going to see a lot of goals. Of course, sometimes there will be dissapointments, but if you can’t accept a dissapointment, then betting is not for you. The most important thing is to make more successful bets than unsuccessful and this method is giving you a good chance to do exactly that. Just try it and see for yourself if it’s your thing.